Lely introduces two new Lely Tigo loader wagons

Lely is to introduce two new types of loader wagons during Agritechnica 2015: the Lely Tigo MS and MR. The major difference between the two models is the intake system. For users who want the utmost crop-friendliness, the MS model has a steered intake.

Sept. 10, 2015


For users who want maximum capacity and chopping power, the MR model has a rotor chopping device. 

The MR and MS loader wagons are available with a variety of bases and hopper capacities and a number of options. With this, Lely offers a wide range of attractive and efficient loader wagons for the mid-segment of the market. The new models will be available from January 2016.

Excellent performance thanks to proven intake systems

Both wagons have a camless pick-up which fits perfectly on the intake unit. The excellent crop throughput of all Tigo models has already been proven over the years. The main drive of the Lely Tigo MS and MR is made up of an integrated, maintenance-friendly gearbox with exceptionally robust straight-cut gears. The drive’s ability to withstand high loads ensures smooth and even operation of the intake and cutting devices. The MR cutting device has a swivelling knife bank with a centred locking system for the knives. 

Movable bulk head now available on the Tigo MR Profi

The successful introduction of the movable bulk head on the Lely Tigo PR and XR loader wagons gets a new lease of life on the Profi model of the Lely Tigo MR.The movable bulk head gives users 6mmore crops to transport above the drawbar. This makes the wagons with this bulk head shorter and more compact than comparable wagons with the same content. The weight distribution is also more efficient, giving full wagons better driving performance.


Easy to operate

Both models can be fitted with ISOBUS steering. If the tractor has no ISOBUS, the wagon is delivered with a Lely control unit. This simple and handy control unit has easily accessible buttons and an intuitive display. The automated loading and unloading provides the user, not only with excellent fodder but also with user-friendliness and efficient use of the wagon. 

Lely Tigo product line

The introduction of these new loader wagons is yet another great step forward for the already accomplished Lely Tigo product line. The wide range of choice and options now on offer from Lely demonstrates our serious and innovative approach to the loader wagon market segment. For more information on the Lely Tigo loader wagons, ask your Lely dealer or come and visit the Lely stand at Agritechnica.

Lely Tigo MR - MR D Profi

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