Lely provides more safety in the Alps

At this year’s Agritechnica, Lely will introduce a rake and a tedder concept ideal for use in mountainous areas: the Lely Hibiscus S 330 Alpincontrol and the Lely Lotus 400 Stabilo Alpincontrol Concept. The focus during the development of this new rake and tedder was on feed quality and on safe use of these machines on slopes.

Sept. 10, 2015


Both machines have a low centre of gravity ensuring no surprises for the driver. With these new machines, Lely now offers a complete range of machines for mountainous areas.

Safety first

The Lely Lotus 400 Stabilo Alpincontrol Concept is steered by the renowned four-pivot-point Stabilo steering device. The tedder is always stable and accurate in following the tractor’s track. When lifted, the Stabilo steering device locks automatically, preventing the tedder from making any unexpected movements, even on slopes. The Lely Hibiscus S 330 Alpincontrol a fixed linkage that retains the ability to follow tracks. This means that the rake always follows the tractor but with no unexpected movements when lifting.

Clean feed-perfect drying

The Lely Lotus 400 Stabilo Alpincontrol Concept is equipped with our trusty Lely hook tine, offering better grass grip. The unique shape and trailing position of the tine ensures that the crops are picked up well, and cleanly. The tedding performance and the capacity are second-to-none, contributing to fast and excellent drying of crops. The Lotus is also equipped with the smallest Lely rotor, which fits in perfectly with the relatively light mowing required in mountain areas.


Clean feed in perfect swaths

What is unique about the Hibiscus rake is that the tandem unit steers the crop ejection of the rotor and the swath board. This means that the rake can follow tracks on curves, while still remaining firmly coupled. If the tractor moves sideways on slopes, the same construction ensures that the swath quality is maintained. The tandem unit will in fact always follow the driving direction, thereby bringing the swath cloth and crop ejection into the correct position.

Alpincontrol – complete product range

In addition to the Lely Hibiscus S 330 and the Lotus 400 Stabilo Alpincontrol Concept, Lely offers two Splendimo front mowers for mountainous areas, with a working width of 2.2 metres and 2.6 metres. For harvesting, Lely offers two special small loader wagons with a low centre of gravity, the Tigo 25 and 35 ST Classic, and a specially built Welger RP 245 round baler. From January 2016 the new Hibiscus S 330 Alpincontrol will be available for sale, in a limited number of units. The Lotus 400 Stabilo Alpincontrol Concept will be tested further by Lely.

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