Lely expands their barn lighting system with LED lights

Lely introduces a new LED lighting system at SPACE in Rennes (France) which is specifically developed for dairy barns. Lely L4C (Light for Cows) LED ensures the perfect light level, light distribution and light schedule for both, dairy cows and farmers.

Sept. 15, 2015


With an expected lifetime of over 30 years, an output of 33,500 lumen and up to 60 percent energy saving, Lely L4C LED is the most durable, powerful and efficient LED light on the market.

Lactating cows need a light intensity of 180 lux for 16 hours per day, combined with an 8-hour dark period to optimise cow activity, feed intake and milk production. Heifers need the same light intensity and duration for an optimal increased growth of mammary cells. Consequently they mature earlier which accelerates the day of insemination. Dry cows, on the other hand, need more rest to give them the best preparation for calving. They need a light intensity of 50-80 lux for only 8 hours per day combined with a 16- hour dark period to stimulate the production of the hormone melatonin.

Lely L4C LED is developed to ensure an optimal light distribution in the barn. The LED lights are dimmable and each fixture has its own connection to a control box. The light intensity is steered individually according to the placement of the fixtures in the barn. In combination with a light sensor the system knows exactly how much light is needed and increases the output of the fixtures when it becomes darker or vice versa. The control box can even simulate a sunrise and sunset to ensure a natural light cycle and highest animal welfare. This way, the system ensures optimum light level throughout the barn all day long while keeping energy consumption to a minimum.

With 33,500 lumen at 250 watt, the Lely L4C LED fixture gives more than twice as much light than most current LED fixtures on the market. This means that only half of the amount of fixtures is needed to achieve the same light level in the barn. The fixtures come standard with integrated red check-up lights. Red light is hardly visible for cows, and therefore excellent to lighten the barn during the dark period when the farmer needs to enter the barn. Less fixtures and integrated check-up lights reduce the installation costs significantly.

The fixtures are specifically designed for dairy barns. This means that they are moisture, ammonia and dust resistant. The design of the fixtures also ensures an optimal cooling of the LED lights and drivers to make a lifetime of more than 30 years possible. To prevent damage, a thermal protection dims the light automatically when the temperature in the fixture becomes too high or it switches the lamp off if necessary. The fixtures are also equipped with a surge protection.

Lely offers free of charge a custom-made lighting plan for Lely L4C LED. This plan gives you price advice on optimal light distribution throughout the barn and placement of the fixtures. The control box and fixtures will be available by the end of this year.