Opening first Lely Center in Greece

Lely is proud to announce the establishment of its first Lely Center in Greece: Hellenic Dairy Automations, a Milkplan Company. This franchisee is based near Thessaloniki in the heart of Greece’s most important milk production area.

Feb. 9, 2016


The opening will coincide with the expected economic transitions in the Greek dairy sector related to investments in dairy farms to encourage modernization and expansion. Milk prices in Greece are also amongst the highest within the EU .

For Lely the Orient region is a developing market with a lot of potential. The Greek Lely Center will be supported by the Lely Orient Support organization based in Turkey, operating 5 regional centers.

The franchise network, a unique concept in the agricultural sector, stems from Lely’s innovative approach, for 15 years already. Lely provides dairy farmers with milking equipment through an international network of franchisees, which today counts nearly 180 facilities.

With more than 20,000 installed robots, the Lely fleet is the most significant in the world. With sales and services provided by locally based Lely Center facilities. Lely is present in the heart of dairy regions, close to each dairy farmer and ensuring a high level of quality service . Lely also ensures global knowledge and experience sharing from their worldwide network.

The Lely Center facilities sell and maintain dairy equipment from the Lely range. This exclusivity allows them to provide valuable experience and expertise in milking systems to their customers every day. With the support of trained Lely certified service engineers our customers can rely upon state of the art operations of their innovative automatic milking systems.