100,000 followers on the Lely Facebook page

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming our 100,000th visitor. A milestone we are very proud of. We would like to thank everyone who has found us and has rewarded us with their attention. It goes without saying we would like to stay relevant and would like to know what type of information you are looking for. Please let us know!

April 26, 2017


To inspire

The power of Facebook is all about sharing information you find interesting. This is why we frequently post things like ‘Farming tips’, stories about dairy farmers all over the world that share their professional experiences and their experience with Lely machines. And we invite you to events that we host. All for one purpose: sharing knowledge and inspiration.

Staying relevant

And in order to do this, we are asking you to let us know what information you are looking for. Which topics would you like to receive tips and tricks about and from what perspective do you want (user) experiences? Let us know, by leaving behind a comment on Facebook. We would like to incorporate it into our future plans.