Maximum cow comfort for happy cows

A healthy and stress-free cow is a happy cow. An animal that brings more milk in the tank. With the Lely Astronaut A5, you’ll achieve optimal cow comfort for your cows. Features such as the I-flow concept, hybrid arm and smooth teat cup detection contribute to the cows’ natural rhythm and comfort.

Aug. 10, 2018



The milking robot comes with the proven I-flow concept for easy access, a new hybrid arm and an excellent working teat detection system both ensuring swift and smooth connection to the udder. Because your ladies deserve only the best.

I-flow concept: for unhindered entrance
The proven I-flow concept ensures that cows don’t need to turn when entering the milking robot. They will not be hindered and thus not experience any difficulty to get in to the machine for their milking return. In addition, the open cow box allows the cows to have contact with the rest of the herd during milking.

Both not only help in acceptance of the milking robot in their daily life. Cows also come to the milking robot more, frequently which results in a higher milk yield.

Hybrid arm: for quietness and freedom of movement
As with its predecessors, the hybrid arm of the Astronaut A5 is underneath the cow during milking; following her body. This gives the animals maximum freedom of movement whilst being milked. The new hybrid arm brings new technology, combining electrical movement and air in one; making it a very silent robot arm. This quietness brings – next to freedom of movement – also stress free milking within reach whilst guaranteeing accurate and swift attachment to the udder.

Improved teat detection system: for more accurate connection
The A5’s teat detection system has significantly improved. It consists of a three-layer laser system for detecting and connecting the teat cups to the udder. Fast, consistent and accurate handling is more relaxing for the cows. After each milking, the innovate software system stores the udder and teat position of each cow so that connecting for the next milking turn is as fast and consistent as possible.

Happy cows, happy dairy farmer
Smooth and quick milking for all cows in the herd, independent of their phase in the lactation period: that is what the Lely Astronaut A5 brings to you and your dairy farm. Stress-free and comfortable milking, helping you to keep your cows happy and healthy. With ultimately a higher milk yield. Happy cows, happy you.

Please feel free to contact us or your local Lely Center for more information on the Lely Astronaut A5. We are happy to help.