Enhanced Lely Calm calf feeder for optimal hygiene

Lely announces its enhanced automated calf feeding system, the Lely Calm. Key improvements of the new Lely Calm are focused on optimal hygiene. A hygiene box and tailor-made detergents result in a fully automated and thorough cleaning process, leaving no space for bacteria that could harm the calf’s health.

Sept. 5, 2019


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The unlimited opportunity to drink fresh milk supports the calves’ natural drinking behaviour and has a positive effect on fertility, vitality, milk yield and lifetime of dairy cows.

Hygiene box
With its fully automated hose and teat cleaning features, the Lely Calm HygieneBox ensures optimal hygiene. The complete system can be flushed several times a day, including the inside of the teat tip, with one or two detergents. After each time a calf has drunk, the new external rinsing system also cleans the teat automatically with clear water. Additional hygiene comes with the YelloTeat: a teat made of a hygienic material that is highly dirt repellent.

Tailor-made detergents 
The automated cleaning process can be executed with two tailor-made detergents: the Lely Calm Cid, an acid product, and Lely Calm Lin, a non-chlorinated alkaline product. The first detergent removes limescale, iron and milkstone residues. The second, and non-chlorinated alkaline detergent, effectively removes fat, protein and sugar residues from the milk. The combination of both detergents and applying interval cleaning ensures excellent hygiene of the full system.

For more information, please visit www.lely.com/solutions/feeding/calm or contact your local Lely Center.