Lely introduces new milk sampling device

Milking robot manufacturer and barn automator Lely is bringing a new milk sampling device to the market, for use in combination with milking robots. The system called ‘Sampler for Lely Astronaut’ has no electronic parts and is remarkably easy to use and maintain.

March 4, 2021



The Sampler for Lely Astronaut has a capacity of 60, 72 or 90 samples, with the choice between 72 or 90 determined by the type of bottle. The device is ICAR-certified (network of milk control organisations), developed by a French partner and already in use and proven to be a success in various countries. With the Sampler for Lely Astronaut, Lely contributes to a universal sampling device for the Milk Recording Organization. The sampler can be used in combination with all major robotic milking systems.

Lely offers the device in EU countries and North America through its network of Lely Centers that also provide the service. New countries will be added in the future, as well as a model with the capacity of 132 samples. The sampler is available since mid-January.