A new versatile variable chamber baler which offers perfect shaped bales

Lely Welger RP 180 V

Lely introduces the Lely Welger RP 180 V, a variable chamber baler that offers ultimate flexibility. This new baler is the big brother of the RP 160 V model which was introduced last year. With this introduction Lely meets the needs of it’s farmers and contractors in specific markets where bale sizes of up to 1,80 meters are required. The new baler will be available from January 2017.

Oct. 3, 2016


The Lely Welger RP 160 and the 180 V variable chamber balers are designed to deliver outstanding performance and perfect bales in all types of crops and conditions. A year on from the introduction of the Lely Welger RP 160 V we can see that this baler has exceeded expecations. The new RP 180  will follow suit. 

Perfectly shaped bales

It is now possible to make perfectly shaped bales up to 1,80 m high thanks to the unique geometry of the bale chamber, where bale formation is enhanced from the start. The belt concept allows the operator to make bales up to 1,80m in diameter without overloading the machine. Together with the Constant Pressure System (CPS) and a new optional left-right indicator this baler range delivers exceptionally high density and well-shaped bales. This will increase your farm performance in the most economical way, through the optimisation of tying, transport and storage costs.

Different models and options fitting customer needs

The Lely Welger RP 180 V range consists of 3 models, the Classic, Master and Xtra. Each model is available with different specifications. There are many options available with this new baler range including different types of pick up’s, chopping units, tyre options and control units to meet the different demands of farmers and contractors. The E-link Control terminal is standard on the RP 180 V Classic and Master models. The E-link Pro is also an option on the Master model but is standard on the Xtra model. 

We asked Thomas Schuppert, Commercial Product Specialist Baling, how this new baler has been performing? He replied as follows: 

“Our field tests have shown that the Lely Welger RP 180 V is suitable for baling any type of crop, be it 1,20 m diameter bales of wet silage or 1,80 m bales of short straw. This versatality makes this machine perfect for contractors with a short pay-off phase!” 

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