Lely demonstrates: robotic milking is possible without pelletized concentrates

The 'Commodity feeder' for the Lely Astronaut offers a more economic alternative.

Maassluis, November 13 2018 – Milking robot manufacturer Lely offers its Astronaut customers the possibility to dose non-pelletized feed in the milking robot. The option is called 'Commodity feeder' and can result in huge savings on feed costs for robot milkers.

Nov. 13, 2018


Minimizing feed costs

It is often said that feed costs are higher with milking robots compared to conventional milking systems. Most of the time the milking robot is the ideal place to complement individual rations of the animal on the partially mixed ration (PMR) at the feed fence. The tastiness of the concentrate feed is often an extra reason for cows to come to the milking robot for milking. Lely now offers a solution to minimize feed costs with the Commodity feeder.

The system provides the option to exchange relatively expensive concentrates for cheaper types of food such as barley, oats, corn or (crushed) mix variants. Especially for companies that are self-sustaining, the savings can be huge. By using the Commodity feeder, farmers are less dependent on processing feed to pellets and price fluctuations.

The operation of the system can be adjusted depending on the the dry matter percentage, the particle size and the stickiness of the feed. The Commodity feeder can easily be mounted on all existing Astronaut A5 and A4 models (in operation from July 2013).