Smart Farming Series

03.04.24 to 24.04.24

Join us for our Smart Farming Series, which will take place throughout the UK and Ireland in April.

Join us for our Smart Farming Series across the UK and Ireland in April 2024. Experience a series of open days featuring local third parties, educational discussions, and farm tours showcasing our automation portfolio.

12.04.24 - Belrose Farm, Cork

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John Horgan


Date: 12th of April 2024

Time: 11am – 1pm

Farm name & address:John Horgan, Belrose, Enniskeane, Co Cork, P47 YW52

John Horgan from Enniskeane in Co.Cork first started robotic milking 3 years ago with 60 cows on 1 Lely Astronaut A5 robot and just last year added a second one while increasing his spring calving herd to milk 90 cows. Since installing the robots, John has found both an increase in performance and improved lifestyle balance as he has a young family, and also works off farm part time.

“Lifestyle was the biggest factor – I remember standing in the yard one day and I said to myself, all I want to do is make my life a bit easier. Hard work wasn’t the problem, it was time. I have a young family; I work off farm contracting with my brother and sourcing a relief milker was getting harder and harder”. John farms 80 acres on the home block, while leasing a further 20 acres in an outside farm. Getting grass allocation and cow movement was the hardest part for John, but with the support of the Lely Center Mitchelstown team the cows now move from the robot to their grass allocation through the grazeway gates at their leisure.

17.04.24 - Mitchell Farm, Castlederg

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John Mitchell

Date: 17th of April 2024
Time: 11am – 3pm

Farm name & address: John Mitchell, Grove Dairies, 39 Kilclean Road, Castlederg, BT81 7EF

Holestein Society's best large junior pedigree herd milked on 14 Lely Astronauts

Join us at Grove Dairy based in Castlederg, where you can discover how since 2017 this impressive farm has milked 750 award winning pedigree Holsteins through 14 Lely Astronaut A4’s and A5’s.

The herd is currently averaging 38 litres, producing 28,000 litres per day through the robotic milking system, with just 7 staff members on farm. The robots were installed into a mix of greenfield sites and existing sheds.

Hear from John Mitchell, Lely representatives, Cogent, Wilson agri, AB vista, Keenan, Foster Technik, Clonleigh co-op, Holstein society and Sensehub on the day to discover how automation can benefit your farm.

A Charity Auction is also to be held on the day, details closer to the time!

18.04.24 - Glenrose Farm, Cork

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Date: 18th of April 2024

Time: 11am - 1pm 

Farm name & address:  Connie and Deidre McSweeney, Tully, Glenroe, Kilmallock, Limerick, V35 TP28

Husband and wife team, Connie & Deirdre McSweeney are farming in Glenroe Co.Limerick and have 4 children under 10. Having been suckler farmers for, Connie and Deirdre made the decision before covid that they would get out of the volatile suckler market and make the move to dairy with the help of a robotic milking system. “With the sucklers, we only really had one day out, and you were relying on so many other factors to go right for us to make a margin on them before we even factored in the time it took to get them from birth to the mart. With dairy and the robot, while things aren’t always fantastic it's better than that.”

4 years on, they are milking 70 cows on the Lely Astronaut A5 and have no regrets with opting for a robotic milking system vs. a milking parlour. The freedom and balance have offered them is the main benefit to them, without having to try and source outside labour. “If we had opted for a parlour, I would have been out feeding calves every morning while Connie would be spending 2 hours milking, whereas now, Connie can feed the calves, while I can work, look after the kids or if needed help on the farm, and if he’s off on a job fencing, he’s not rushing to be back for milking”

24.04.24 - Speer Farm, Ballybocurragh

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Craig, Bert, Kenneth Speers

Date: 24th of April 2024

Time: 11am - 3pm 

Farm name & address: Craig, Bert & Kenneth  Speers, Ballybocurragh, Ballymaleel, F92 FY64

Join us at Speer’s farm just outside of Letterkenny, where you can discover how since 2022 the Speer’s family have milked 270 cows while grazing full time on a robotic milking system. The herd is currently averaging 30 litres with butterfat’s of 4.35 and proteins at 3.61, mainly focusing on breeding a more solid Friesian cow. With a road splitting the grazing ground in two, an underpass was installed at the same time as the robots went in to join the two areas together. The large majority of the herd are calved in the Spring with an Autumn block of 60 cows to keep the robots running all year round.

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