Discover the new Discovery Collector C2

Collects more manure thanks to increased driving capacity and wireless charging. The new Discovery Collector C2 makes more passes, which means the manure is collected more often. This ensures a clean environment and promotes cow health.

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A cleaner barn floor results in cleaner hooves

The Discovery Collector C2 is specifically designed for barns with majority of solid floors and takes a revolutionary diverse approach when compared to traditional manure scrapers. The Discovery Collector C2 does not push manure but vacuums it. This makes the build-up of manure – in which cows stand – a thing of the past. This not only makes for a cleaner floor, it also ensures the cows’ hooves remain cleaner. This improves both cow health and the well-being of the animals.

A comfortable experience for the cows

The cows – and yourself – will experience little to no hindrance from the Discovery Collector C2. The machine does not require cables or gutters. This ensures a more secure living environment for the cows. Thanks to its compact design the Discovery Collector C2 can easily navigate between the cows, the sorting gates, and around the cubicle passages and waiting area.

Water for added results and increased safety

Cows are more likely to display their natural behaviour in a clean environment. As a result, heat is detected sooner. The Discovery Collector C2 sprays water from the front and back of the machine. Spraying from the front results in better manure intake, and from the back leaving behind a wet floor for additional grip. Maximum result and safety.

Flexible cleaning

The daily routine of scraping manure is a thing of the past with the Discovery Collector C2. The routes and cleaning frequency can be set to match your own, or the cows’ daily rhythm to make things as hassle-free as possible. And if you would like to adjust the program, for whatever reason, you can easily do so using your mobile phone.

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The potential of
Discovery Collector C2

Unequalled service

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