Healthy hooves for optimum animal welfare

Provide preventive care for hooves and improve hoof health. Cows with healthy hooves feel good and are more productive. They will visit the feed gate and the milking robot more regularly. Healthy hooves are good for the animals and their yield.

Efficient care

The Hoof bath for Lely Meteor offers regular care for hooves. Safe to use: with a simple push of a button, the foot bath fills up with water and a hoof care product. The cows walk through the hoof bath, thereby obtaining the efficient hoof care they need. Easy to do after milking in the milking robot or in another set spot in the barn.

Animal-friendly and safe

The preventive action with the special developed Lely Meteor Hoof Bath Liquid for application in the hoof bath is for optimal care of the hooves. This product is free from formalin, copper sulfates, QACs and antibiotics. This makes cows more likely to walk through the foot bath, and to visit the milking robot. The system is self-cleaning, ensuring that any contamination does not affect the hoof health of the herd.

A fully automatic solution for footbaths

No more labour required to place, fill and clean the foot bath. The Hoof Bath for Lely Meteor is a fully automatic solution. The number of times the bath needs to be refreshed can be pre-set. When the maximum number of flushes is reached, the rear gate closes. The bath is lifted and carefully sprayed clean using various nozzles. The bath is then lowered, supplied with fresh water and the hoof care product, Lely hoof Bath liquid, and the rear gate opens again. The bath is ready for another round!

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