The farm of the future

More time for your cows, your farm, and yourself

Farming is the best job in the world, that will never change. The world, however, is changing, and new challenges arising; there are many more rules which you have to comply with, therefore, further pressure to become sustainable.

Fortunately, there are also new solutions. Solutions that give you more freedom to farm your own way, while taking care of your cows, farm, and the future.

"Automation gives me more time for my family."


Less work and more milk in the tank; that’s the way to make your company grow.


Not just to predict if a cow will become sick, but prevent it from happening in the first place. Good news for people, animals, and the planet.


Organise your time more flexibly between the barn and your family and friends.

The next generation of farmers
#How innovation makes life easier for farming families

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What does your future look like?

At Lely, we have a solution for every task in the cowshed that can make both your life and the lives of your cows easier and more pleasant. Everything from a cow ID system that monitors the health of every animal, to an automatic manure scraper. The passion remains, the tools change.