As farming innovators, Lely has a unique Lely Center concept in the dairy and agriculture markets through offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow a successful business of distributing high-tech robotics to farmers and to be a part of worldwide Lely network.

Our goal is to be in a strong, long-term and successful relationship with Lely Centers through a continuously evolving relationship with the support and expertise of the Lely Headquarters and local Lely offices.

A strong successfull relationship with Lely


All Lely Center employees have to participate in training at the Lely Academy to ensure specialized service and support as well as an equal customer experience in all processes, from sales to technical service, farm management to project coordination. This also includes special training programs to develop and improve personal skills. All training programs conclude with certification and the option of moving forwards to higher-level programs.


Lely has a unique support organization set up in the agricultural industry to ensure the optimal performance of our customers and innovative products. Our Lely Center network worldwide is in the lead to support (1st line support) our farmers worldwide. The farmers need different types of support, e.g. technical service, farm management advice and support on the use of the software of our robotics. Lely is fully utilized to train and support the network to support the farmers.

Lely provides training for the Lely Center employees to support the farmers with their requests. For all these different types of support, Lely has designed a model where the Lely Center can escalate or discuss open issues with the cluster organizations (2nd line support). The cluster organizations focus on one or multiple countries. These support organizations have the local knowledge of e.g. the markets, dairy production, type of cows and climate. In case the issues cannot be solved in the 1st and 2nd support line, Lely has a 3rd support line in the headquarter consists specialists on all products. This team is working closely with the product development department. At Lely, we aim for long term relationships with our farmers and with this setup, we work as a team to 24/7/365 deliver the optimal support to the farmers. Lely sees its Lely Center network as a partner and together, we will ensure the best support to the farmers (customers).

Besides, Lely support the Lely Centers in the operational activities to the farmers, Lely has a lot of focus on supporting the Lely Center network to grow and develop to their next steps. The Lely clusters are able to support the Lely Centers and the owners on different levels like organization, education, sales, inventory, administration and efficiency. Every year, we create a year plan, we update the 5 year business plan and discuss the steps to take. Lely has development support budgets available to support the Lely Center to prepare for the future request of the farmers.

Success Stories

Jenny Irwin Director.jpg
Jennifer Irwin Owner Lely Center Eglish Northern Ireland

Starting up the Lely Center 11 years ago was a steep learning curve, we took over an installed base of 23 robots and worked hard to increase the awareness of robotic milking in our area.&Gradually dairy farmers in our area became more familiar with robotic milking and now the challenge has changed from one of introducing them to robotic milking to explaining the benefits of a Lely system.

As the customer base of the Center has grown we have had to expand our workforce so that we can continue to provide as good a service as our customers expect. We are proud to represent the Lely products as they are seen to be at the leading edge of automation on farm. Running a Lely Center presents many challenges but when these are overcome there is great satisfaction to be gained.

Success Stories

Lely Center Mantova in Italy.jpg
Ermanno Cimarosti, Lorenzo Gatti & Morris Peri Owners Lely Center Mantova Italy

We are operating Lely Center Montova, in Lombardy region of Italy since 2010. We see ourselves as partners of farmers in their future challenges and one of our goals is to guarantee a high-level post-sales support. We keep in mind that the first goal is customer satisfaction.

Why Lely?

Farmers all over the world make choices about how they set up and run their farms. Every day, we help them make the best choices for themselves and their farms. We do this by providing advice and innovative solutions that contribute to efficient farm management. For sustainable milk and meat production. Present and future.