Lely introduces the Lely Tigo PR

After the successful introduction of the Lely Tigo XR combi loader wagon at the Fielddays in 2012, Lely now further updates its loader wagon range with loader and silage wagons. The Lely Tigo PR replaces the Lely Tigo R Profi model, with three models in the 31-41 DIN m3 capacity range.

Sept. 11, 2013


The Tigo PR models combine the new features of the Tigo XR such as movable bulk head with the tried and tested capacity of the Tigo R Profi. Due to their compact build, high capacity and crop friendliness, the Tigo XR and Tigo PR loader wagons are an excellent range for large cattle farms and contractors. 

More efficient feed-in to improve feed quality

Ultimately, feed harvesting is all about one thing: how to achieve optimal quality to ensure high milk and meat production. The Tigo is superior when it comes to crop handling and chopping quality. The 25 mm wide rotor fingers and the minimal space between the knives ensure the best results. The feed channel behind the rotor is also shorter, which means the material is pressed in the wagon faster and there is minimal contact between crop and steel.

Compact in a clever way    

Lely took the concept of this unique loader and silage transport wagon from the Lely Tigo XR, which was introduced last year. The unique bulk head gives the user the possibility of transporting 6m3 more crop and is shorter in length than comparable wagons with the same capacity. This unique feature also cleverly distributes the weight so the wagon has good stability on the road.

Optimal maintenance convenience, central locking of the chopping system

The new chopping system with 40 knives is easy to swing out using the tractor panel or the two buttons on the left-hand side of the wagon. As a consequence, no tools are needed and no bolts are removed. The new central lock unlocks all knives at the same time. The knives can then be easily removed without tools.

Good start when unloading

The start is the most critical time when unloading the wagon because the whole load has to move. Depending on the model the bulk head takes 10-15% of the load with it. This means that a lot less weight ends up on the bottom floor conveyor, which significantly reduces the loading on the floor drive. As soon as the floor drive starts to move, the bulk head tilts backward, pushing against the whole load thus assisting the unloading operation.

Mini Combi

The Lely Tigo PR is the loader and silage wagon for smaller contractors that want to benefit from the possibilities of a real combi wagon. The optional cover plate over the feed channel means it can also be used as a transport wagon. As a result, the Lely Tigo PR is a very versatile silage wagon.

Editorial note 

For more information, please contact Mellanie Vellekoop, Marketing & Communications, Lely International, mvellekoop@lely.com, + 31 (0)6 23501476.

About the Lely Group 

Lely, founded in 1948, directs all its efforts towards creating a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future in farming for its customers. Lely is the only company worldwide to supply the agricultural sector with a complete portfolio of products and services ranging from forage harvesting to automated feeding systems, barn cleaners and milking robots. Lely is also working on business concepts to ensure energy-neutral operations in the dairy sector. For many years Lely has been the undisputed market leader in the sales and service of automated milking systems. The company has a strong position in forage harvesting products, and with over 60 years of acquired knowledge of the agricultural cycle Lely has an unrivalled position. The Lely Group is active in more than 60 countries and employs some 2,000 people. The annual turnover is around 565 million euros. More information: www.lely.com.


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