New innovations for Lely loader wagons

The range of Lely Tigo loader wagons is expanding and will feature a number of interesting innovations this upcoming season. These changes give users higher quality and userfriendly machines with longer life spans. These improvements have been implemented in the production models that are currently being produced in our factory and are immediately available for delivery.

Feb. 7, 2017


New innovations for Lely loader wagons

The Tigo XR has already proven itself in the field these past few years for our customers. Several aspects of the loader wagons have been further developed. This means dairy farmers and agricultural contractors can enjoy the benefits.

New innovations in the Tigo XR models: Plastic guideways, stronger tines, new crop roller
The pick up on the largest Lely loader wagon models – Tigo XR – has seen a number of changes. In the past we used classic metal U-shaped guideways, from now on we will be using durable plastic guideways. This innovation will be applied for the first time in the Tigo XR models. Thanks to excellent gliding capabilities the crop can be fed through the rotor with less resistance and crop damage. Lely once again proves with this that feed efficiency through increased forage intake, is of the utmost importance. In tandem with stronger tines, the lifespan of the loader wagon is elevated to the highest level. With higher elasticity, flexibility and decreased wear and tear, even for pick-up tines; the manufacturer has high expectations for this new technology. To optimise the crop flow, the crop roller has also been improved. Steel guideway tines are now installed directly behind the roller, which guides the crops to the intake of the machine in a targeted and smooth fashion.

Automatic drawbar height controls ensure an even crop intake
Another new feature of the Tigo XR models is the optionally available control mechanism for setting the drawbar height. This addition controls the entrance of the intake device, even on very uneven surfaces. To achieve this, a sensor constantly measures the current placement and position of the pick up while controlling the hydraulic cylinder of the hitch drawbar. This ensures an optimal and constant distant between the pick-up and intake rotor, which significantly impacts a constant and markedly improved crop flow.

Steel bottom now also standard for the smaller Tigo models
In addition to the largest editions of the Tigo XR models, the Tigo XR 65 will now also come with a steel bottom and scraper floor with flat link chains as standard. Up until now the steel bottom was only available as an option. The Tigo XR 60 & 70 will from now on be equipped with a steel bottom and scraper floor with rounded steel chains.

This new series of Tigo models is immediately available for delivery. For more information, you can contact a Lely dealer in your area.

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