Lely installs the 500th Vector automatic feeding system

On 1 February, Lely installed the 500th Vector automatic feeding system. An exceptional milestone given that Lely has only been active in this market since 2012. The installation of the 500th Lely Vector and Feed Kitchen on the farm of Rosi Chris Holsteins inc. In Québec, Canada, Lely’s strong position in the area of automatic feeding can be felt.

March 1, 2018


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The 500 Vector systems operate now in more than 20 countries at both dairy and beef cattle farms. The Lely Vector, according to farmer Christine Hoyle, was a logical choice: “We have been milking with Lely’s automatic milking system since 2010. We started with an A2 and now we have an A4. We wanted to add a Vector to gain more control over feeding and to be sure that the cows get fresh feed all day long.”

Automatic feeding is becoming more and more popular

Jelmer Ham, Product Manager Feeding at Lely International can explain why farmers opt for the Vector. “It is a revolutionary system that has an exceptionally positive impact on cow health and feed efficiency, apart from the fact that it saves energy and labour. By feeding more often and more precisely, the nutrients in the feed are optimally utilised. The intelligent software also enables steering based on profitability instead of just on milk yield and weight gain. Both dairy and beef farmers can calculate the effect on their margin of a change in a ration.”

Lely can see reliance on the Vector growing. The value of automatic feeding is recognised by increasingly more dairy and beef farmers. Automatic feeding is also increasingly considered when a feeding system becomes too small or worn. Lely has seen sales of the Vector grow significantly over the past year. This year, the upwards trend is expected to continue. In the future, Lely expects automatic feeding to be as commonplace as automatic milking.

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