Lely facilitates employees to work from home because of Coronavirus

The Dutch Government issued guidance to slow down and prevent the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus). In response and until further notice, Lely chooses to let its employees work from home as much as possible and to minimize all contacts with external groups.

March 17, 2020


Our workforce is our most valuable asset, and by working out of office, we can minimize their risk of infection. Lely facilitates its employees when working remotely, enabling us to continue our tasks from home with full confidence. However, in some cases this could lead to reduced accessibility (and maybe some homely sounds in the background). For this we ask for your understanding. Of course, our technicians will be available for emergencies at the farm, with due observance of the correct precautions.

The Covid-19 outbreak continuously leads to new situations; we will regularly update and revise our guidelines where necessary.