First Astronaut A5 installation in China

Lely is celebrating its first operational Astronaut A5 automatic milking system in China. A memorable event, not only as it’s the first installation for Lely since entering the Chinese market last year, but also because the startup was carried out remotely.

May 20, 2020


The installation of 2x Astronaut A5s on the Yu Quan Wa farm in Weifang, in the Chinese Shangdong Province, was originally planned in January. Due to the te C-19 outbreak this was postponed. 
Our technical teams in China and the Netherlands came up with an innovative way to get the first robot operational. With the use of digital channels, the Chinese colleagues received training and guidance from the Dutch team in order to get the first robot up and running. A great success for everyone involved! 

It’s expected that the 2nd Astronaut A5 for the Yu Quan Wa farm will start milking cows in the next couple days.