Lely and Gevasol, two progressive high-tech companies, invest in future generation innovators

As of today, Lely, the leading supplier of robotics and management systems for the dairy farm, and Gevasol, the expert in smart solutions for motion and gas/liquid control, will join their forces to inspire young people to use technology and innovation to create a better world. Under the name ‘GoDare’ they want to trigger the curiosity for technology of the next generation of technical pioneers, by bringing them together with the makers and the machines.

Oct. 22, 2020


Go Dare EN

A shortage of technical professionals & entrepreneurs, limited access to technology education and a need for educational innovation are important factors for both companies to invest in. Above all, their passion for technology and innovation makes Lely and Gevasol invest in children and young adults, age 5 to 25 years, to move society forward and create a better world. 


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Contributing to educational innovation

Alexander van der Lely, chairman of the Supervisory Board of Lely, explains the goal: “Thanks to our approach we stimulate curiosity for technology and encourage them to be creators. By bringing young people together with our technical professionals, we prepare them for a future in technology and contribute to a sustainable world. We believe that our experts are uniquely positioned and the best role models to teach young people the knowledge and skills of tomorrow. By adding passion, knowledge and R&D facilities and teaming-up with local schools and partners we contribute to educational innovation.” 

Connecting the innovators of tomorrow

Gideon Yadin, CEO of Gevasol continues: “Our technical professionals work hard to invent and realise new solutions. Every day they face the challenge to be creative in an environment optimised for performance. Thanks to our R&D facilities and inspiring atmosphere, we trigger their deep-rooted interest in technology and boost their creativity, pride and entrepreneurship. By connecting our makers of today with the innovators of tomorrow, we provide an interesting change of perspective and the ability to learn from each other.”  


Both companies are already investing in technical education for young people. Gevasol through Idan Technology in Israel, a meeting place for youth, industry and technological entrepreneurs. Lely through Lely Kits, a program for local primary schools. They bring their knowledge and experience into their joint venture GoDare, located in the Netherlands. As of today, the name Lely Kits will therefore be changed to GoDare. This coming year, GoDare will upgrade the current location at the Lely Campus into a dynamic environment where technical professionals and youngsters discover, explore and create under one roof. A place that offers R&D knowledge and resources to innovate and let technical professionals and youngsters inspire each other and shape their future. For more information, please contact: GoDare@lely.com