Lely Quaress - a complete udder health portfolio

Lely has a carefully selected range of Quaress udder health products for dairy farming. With the addition of Lely Quaress Pergo, Lely introduces a complete and well-balanced udder health portfolio suitable for every situation.

March 30, 2021



Healthy livestock is the basis for pleasant milking. After all, a healthy dairy cow produces more milk with less labor. Udder health and teat condition play an important role in this. The use of the right udder care product contributes to good teat condition and reduces the risk of increased somatic cell count and mastitis. In combination with optimal resistance and good overall health, the cow can spend all her energy on producing milk.

As mastitis is and remains a multifactorial disease, it requires a complete approach. Lely Advisors have knowledge of the cows, the Astronaut and farm management. They are trained to find any root cause of udder health related issues. Analyzing data, interviewing farmers, observations in the barn and the knowledge of our solutions, are key elements in their approach. This advice in combination with a complete udder health portfolio gives farmers the tools they need to ensure optimal udder condition on their dairy farm.

Want to learn more about udder care and how Lely advisors can support you in this? Watch now this video about Maintaining udder health or read more on our farming insights  Udder care.

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Lely Quaress Pergo is an all-round udder health product suited for farms where udder health is well under control. The product has a phased roll out in Europe. Contact your local Lely Center for more information.