Lely adds flavor to milk with new feeding components

Lely has developed unique milk by adding new precursors to rations. Thanks to the link between the Vector feeding system, the Astronaut milking robot and the Orbiter milk processor, knowledge and insight has been gained about the entire process from feed to milk. The key findings were that the ration does not only affect the composition of the milk, but also the taste. The experiments also examined which feeding components had a positive and negative effect on taste.

April 1, 2021



Now that the Lely Orbiter milk processor is being put into use on more farms, it appears that the taste of My Milk was not exactly the same on every farm. With the help of the taste panel, we were able to understand which farm, cow family and cow produced milk which had the best taste. After alternations  on the basis of genes, the ration turned out to be the most determining factor to the taste. It has been known for some time that the ration has a significant influence on the composition of the milk, and with this new insight it convinced Lely to start developing the ideal ration for the tastiest milk. 

The first experiments with the Vector feeding system showed, among other things, that adding the right amount of raw cocoa and grasses with high sugar contents resulted in milk which tasted like conventional chocolate milk. Therefore creating a unique, natural and sustainable chocolate milk. Alternatively a tasty smoothie can be created by replacing the cocoa with fruit. Lely is currently investigating whether it is possible to make buttermilk by adding acidic feed components to the ration. 

Lely wants to further expand the taste panel 
More research is needed before the new flavors of My Milk find their way to the supermarkets, which is why Lely will further expand the taste panel. Panel members must meet the following criteria: 
•    You have an excellent sense of taste and smell
•    You can express yourself in English
•    Pre: Have previous experience in beer or wine tasting
•    Pre: You can recognise the origin of the milk (variety and region), based on its taste, smell and colour. 

You do not have to be a passionate milk drinker, education is not necessary and the working hours are flexible. Please note: a taste, smell and lactose intolerance test is part of the selection procedure. Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not appreciated.

If you are interested and meet the above criteria we would love to hear from you. Complete your application by Thursday the 1st of April and return it to:jobs@lely.com