Lely Orbiter now also produces cream

More profit on milk thanks to new feature Orbiter

Lely has added a new feature to the Orbiter, the on-farm dairy processor. In addition to full-fat and semi-skimmed milk, it is now also possible for farmers to process cream directly on the farm and bring it to the market. This new feature enables farmers to increase the value of their milk.

May 18, 2021


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Increased milk value
"The Orbiter makes own dairy production lucrative," says Corina van Mourik, Sales Manager Lely Orbiter. "By eliminating several steps in the logistics chain, the final product reaches the end user directly from the farm and the product is therefore fresher. In this way, the Orbiter offers an answer to the growing demand for local, sustainable and fresh products. By adding cream to the portfolio, which has a higher price per liter compared to milk, the Orbiter significantly increases the value of cow's milk for farmers."

High-quality cream production
With the introduction of semi-skimmed milk in 2020, it was already possible for the Lely Orbiter to separate milk and cream. The whole milk is partially skimmed to a fat percentage of 1.7%. The cream that remains has a minimum fat percentage of 35%. The Lely Orbiter stores both products separately, without further additions. The cream is then pasteurized at 84 degrees Celsius. The cream is not homogenized. By choosing a higher fat percentage, it’s easier to whip the cream and it stays stiff for longer. This makes it an attractive product for confectioners, pastry chefs and ice cream makers. The Orbiter's operates 24/7 and meets the highest food safety standards.

Sustainable and profitable
The Orbiter fits seamlessly into Lely's mission to support farmers in organizing their business in a sustainable and profitable way. The Oostdam family, Orbiter users from the very beginning, is the first company that has started with the production of cream and sees a lot of potential.

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