Same products, new name

As of July, all of Lely’s udder health sprays will be named Quaress

With the introduction of Lely Quaress Iodine and Lely Quaress Lac in 2012, Lely introduced the product category name, Quaress for its udder health products. After 9 years, two products still needed an update to ensure the name is aligned with the other products. Therefore, as of July, Lely Astri IO will be called Lely Quaress Premo and Lely Astri UC will be called Lely Quaress Ultimo. The same top quality products with a new name. However, what does Quaress actually mean?

July 1, 2021



Quaress is a combination of the words ‘quarters’ and ‘caress’. Caress stands for caring, touch and embrace. It relates to the care aspect that is very important in maintaining good skin condition and udder health in general. Quarter is related to the four quarters of an udder. All quarters are monitored and sprayed individually by the Lely Astronaut milking robot. These words together have formed the product category brand name Quaress. 

Over the last few years, Lely invested a lot of time and effort in their consumables udder health portfolio. For example, by implementing the change from blue to grey coloured packaging contributing to easy product identification. But also with the introduction of the first sprayable barrier udder health product. The latest release was only a few months ago, a new all-round udder health spray Lely Quaress Pergo. We believe healthy livestock forms the basis of quality milking. Lely is convinced that using the right udder health product suiting the needs of your cows will contribute to a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future in farming.

*Currently not applicable for the US