Donate for Ukraine

Every day we see terrible news about the situation in Ukraine. Of course, Lely wants to offer help. Preferably as concrete as possible, so that we know that our help and contribution will reach the right destination. One of our colleagues who works in the crisis region, is in contact with a local party, AgroFrost, that offers local support. AgroFrost is the Mueller dealer of Lely Center L-Ukraine and is located in the city of Soemy.

April 8, 2022



Local initiative
Soemy is now completely surrounded by the Russian army, causing an enormous famine. AgroFrost is not only a Mueller dealer, but also a milk processor with its own cheese factory. From these activities, the company supplies local food banks in Soemy, providing the population with free milk and cheese.

Would you like to help?
Due to the circumstances, AgroFrost has hardly any income left, which puts these activities at risk. Lely would like to support this company financially to ensure that they can continue to provide the population with their products. Would you also like to make a contribution? You can donate an amount of your choice via this Tikkie or via the QR code. The money will be transferred via a specially designed Lely account directly to the AgroFrost account. Naturally, we will keep you informed of the amount raised.

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Donate for Ukraine

What Lely does
Previously, Lely made a donation to a Ukrainian sister organisation of FBNed (Family Businesses Netherlands, of which Lely is a member), which set up two humanitarian programmes in Ukraine. Lely also supports the municipality of Maassluis by furnishing more than twenty homes that are made available to Ukrainians. In addition, we are in contact with the municipality to organise workshops for the children together with GoDare and we are investigating the possibility of linking Ukrainians to one of our recruiters.

Note: If you have any questions about this action, please reach out to