“We truly believe that automation in dairy farming is the future.”

The 22 colleagues of our Lely Center Vicenza and Arborea are responsible for farmer contacts in the Italian Veneto and Sardinia regions and provide us with valuable information on our farmers’ needs.  
“When we started our business in the Veneto region, there were several forage suppliers active in the market that did not foresee a future for robotics in farming”, says Lely Center Manager Filippo Novello. “My father and his partner used to sell traditional milking parlors. After speaking with Davide Torti, Manager of Lely Italy at that time, my father decided to set up a new company with Lely. This made him a pioneer in his region! Together, they opened the first Italy-based Lely Center in 2008. After two years, a branch was opened on the island of Sardinia and the business was expanded from there. Today, our total installed base includes more than 300 robots!”  
“And our efforts have paid off; we are proud to say that we were the first Lely Center in Italy to fully automate a farm, equipped with Astronaut and Vector. Our particular interest now goes out to the circular solutions; we would be proud to be the first to install these solutions on Italian ground as well!”  
“Until this day, we truly believe that automation in dairy farming is the future, and we have and always will explain the benefits of that. It goes without saying that this does not only apply to the Astronaut series, but to all other Lely products and solutions – contributing to makings farmers’ lives easier - as well. That’s why our sales representatives each have their own expertise, such as feeding, milking or manure, ensuring that we provide farmers with the best possible knowledge!”

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Lely Center Vicenza

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The Dairy Experience Podcast

The challenges and satisfactions of dairy farming in Australasia are unique in comparison to the rest of the world. To showoff how one-of-a-kind our farmers and dairy-regions are, we have decided to kickoff an exciting initiative, a podcast we call: The Dairy Experience