To make life in the agricultural sector easier, and to ensure a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future, we do not work alone. Our efforts are bolstered by working closely with our customers. All of their feedback and contributions give us continual input to improve our concepts and solutions.

However, our customers are just some of our partners. We also join forces with numerous organisations all over the world working in the same or related sectors. Here, sustainability and innovation are also vital criteria for embarking on partnerships.

Our partnerships can range from takeovers aimed at further improving our ability to respond to our customers’ needs, all the way to strategic alliances with knowledge centres and interest groups.

Lely and Vermeer

Lely and Vermeer

In the 1980s we started to produce modular cutting bars for Vermeer. This is a family business in the United States working in the field of agriculture, compacting and environmental equipment. Since the end of the last century, our forage harvesting machines have been sold in the United States under the brand name Vermeer.

In 2008, Lely and Vermeer acquired the German baler and wrapper maker Welger Maschinenfabrik GmbH (now Lely Vermeer Maschinenfabrik GmbH).

In 2016, Lely and Vermeer transformed this partnership to a commercial supplier relationship and Lely took full ownership of Wolfenbüttel factory.


In 2008, we set up the software development company Lely Triodor together with Triodor, a sourcing company specialising in software development. We work out of Istanbul on software systems designed to face the challenges of today and the future. 

In 2009 we launched Lely T4C (Time for Cows), which is delivered as standard with the Lely Astronaut A3 Next. With this management system, dairy farmers have access to specific management information. In 2013 we added the mobile application Lely T4C InHerd. 

We believe that automation and big data increasingly dominate the future of the agricultural sector. Our ultimate goal for the future is to continue to support farmers by linking all data available on forage harvesting, milking, feeding and breeding. This will enable them to make the right decisions quickly.

Lely CA

In 2009, we entered into a joint venture with CA FNZ (Lely CA). Now, dairy farmers all over the world can benefit from the advantages of a professional sales team with knowledge of milking technology and consumables. 

Lely CA supplies over 25,000 dairy farmers with a comprehensive package of services and first-rate products for a range of purposes, such as cleaning our automatic milking system.

Sustainable Agriculture Initiative

The Sustainable Agriculture Initiative is the most important food-security initiative for stimulating the development of sustainable agriculture worldwide. As a member of this platform we, along with the largest food companies in the world, make a contribution to the development of a more sustainable future for farming.

Why Lely?

Farmers all over the world make choices about how they set up and run their farms. Every day, we help them make the best choices for themselves and their farms. We do this by providing advice and innovative solutions that contribute to efficient farm management. For sustainable milk and meat production. Present and future.