Blog 2 “Safety data sheet”

EH: We talked about dangerous goods last time. I can read the label, but is that enough?

HBY: No, that's not enough. Dangerous goods also include a so-called SDS = Safety Data Sheet. This describes the hazards (H), the safety measures (P), the physic-chemical properties and the hazard classifications for transport and storage.

EH: So, I should have those in my possession if I have such dangerous goods in store.

HBY: Yes, definitely

EH: You've called it the H and P a few times now. What's so important about that?

HBY: Those are unambiguous danger phrases that are used worldwide. As a result, we speak the same language internationally when it comes to dangerous goods.

EH: Do I have obligations if I use products with such H and P texts?

HBY: Yes, because they tell you about the dangers and especially what protective measures you should take. A few examples are suitable gloves, face protection and safety glasses. You will always have to ensure your own safety.

EH: Does that only apply to me?

HBY: Also for your environment. And in fact .... If you let people work with you dangerous goods, you are even obliged to make those protective equipment available.

EH: So such an SDS is important.

HBY: Yes, I want to emphasize that they provide the basic information when using dangerous goods.

EH: Where should I get those SDSs then?

HBY: You can keep them digitally or as hardcopy. But they are rather comprehensive documents, where not all information is always immediately needed. Lely has also chosen to provide so-called chemistry cards. It is not mandatory, but very useful for our customers.

EH: Those SDS’s do indeed contain quite a few pages and I understand from your words that the chemistry chart is actually a summary, but then short, powerful and readable in A4 format.

HBY: And.... Directly applicable to the workplace.

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