Mastitis, Early Detection, Management & Pro-Active Prevention (Part One)

Mastitis is a common problem for all dairy farmers and can end up costing the farmer in time, lost production and money. But did you know that the automatic milking system from Lely can help you in detecting mastitis at an early stage?

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How does this work, and how effective is this? In this webinar Graham Petrie will tell you all about this. Enjoy watching the webinar!

Mastitis, Early Detection, Management & Pro-Active Prevention (Part One) – Australia / New Zealand

AMS farm tips on Prevention of Mastitis:

Understanding what is happening through efficient detection via your AMS is essential to reducing costs.  Changing how you manage your operation to detect early signs of mastitis goes hand in hand with your health plan that you set with your local vet. Keeping up with your daily & monthly routines and setting out to maintain and clean your robots are essential processes that assists mastitis prevention. The best tips we can provide is to clean, prevent, find, monitor or treat.

  • Keep your robots clean.

  • To treat any mastitis, you first need to know what bacteria is causing it and if it cow related or environment related. Take a sample to your vet.

  •  If cows are on a standoff pad, ensure the area is clean.

  • Preparation of udders & tail, for all new cattle entering the milking herd ensure their tails are trimmed and udders have excess hair removed to avoid environmental dirt contamination. This will also help improve connection attempts, which can have a positive effect on udder health through less overall attachments.

  • The teat end quality is a very important defence against invading pathogens.

  • Quality of your pre-bushes, are they worn? Do you have another set? During the wetter season, have you considered rotating another set of brushes weekly?

  • Use the T4C system to target at individual cow level.

  • Check the quality of the brush disinfectant used?  Do you have Ph. testers to check the quantity of the brush disinfectant used?

  • Are your robots teat spraying all of the teats after milking? Is your mix fresh?