Optimal care for optimal results

All of your efforts are ultimately geared towards getting a tank full of quality milk. You strive to bring premium cows in perfect condition into the milking robot for a desired result.

It is thus of utmost importance that the milk leaves the udder cleanly, with the least amount of germs before entering the milk tank. The Milk care products from Lely assist you in this. Lely has developed consumable products to keep the udder, robot and milking tank at its cleanest. Cleaning products that are safe for your cows and machines and extremely effective in limiting bacterial growth. This you can rely on.

Product categories

Astronaut heat cleaning

Internal hygiene is essential for producing high‑quality milk and for the lifetime of your Lely Astronaut milking robot. The milking robot has a unique heat‑cleaning system for fast and effective cleaning. Together with the Lely Astri cleaning range, the hygiene of your robot and your milking process is maintained. The Lely Astri range complies with food‑safety regulations and the required specifications for the Lely Astronaut. For more product information, contact your local Lely Center.

Tank cleaning

Lely offers various solutions for cleaning the milk tank. Depending on the technical specifications of the milking installation, it is up to the farmer to make a choice. Considerations include: the environment, organic livestock farming, the technical possibilities and the requirements imposed by local authorities/your milk processor. For more product information, contact your local Lely Center.

Brush cleaning

Optimal hygiene and cross‑contamination should not be underestimated with regards to the effect on milk quality. The cleanliness of the stimulation and cleaning brushes on your Lely Astronaut milking robot plays a crucial role in this. Lely Astri L is a product that has been developed for fast and effective cleaning with no harmful effects on udder health. For more product information, contact your local Lely Center.

Milk filtering

Milk filters are an important link in a hygienically clean milking process. They filter any contamination out the milk that comes from the milking robot. It is important to replace these filters in good time to ensure that they function correctly. Lely recommends doing this three times a day. For more product information, contact your local Lely Center.

Why our partnerships?

Every farmer in the world has to make decisions daily for their farm. Choices both for themselves and their business. But they do not need to do this on their own. They have the help of advisors to find the right solutions and steer their business in the right direction.

More and more of you are choosing Lely as a long-term partner. That is because every day our products and services allow you to take another step towards your desired results. We are by your side with the right people, who are skilled and highly trained.