Explore the possibility of retrofits

The surge of interest in retrofitting is well-justified. Robotic retrofits leverage existing infrastructure to effectively lower expenses while maintaining current lane and paddock configurations. Lely's Farm Management and Technical Support teams possess the proficiency required to ensure the success of robotics implementation on a range of New Zealand and Australian dairy farms. We encourage you to get in touch with your nearby Lely Centre to explore a potentially budget-friendly approach to enhancing your dairy operations.

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Why Retrofitting?

Here are the advantages!

Cost Savings

Retrofitting is often more cost-effective than constructing an entirely new milking facility. Building a new shed involves substantial expenses for construction materials, labor, and permits, whereas retrofitting primarily focuses on upgrading existing infrastructure.

Preservation of Existing Assets

Retrofitting allows you to retain and maximize the use of your current barn or milking shed. You can leverage existing structures, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Adaptation to Changing Needs

Retrofitting offers flexibility to adapt to changing farm needs and advancements in technology. You can gradually integrate robots as your budget and requirements evolve.

Easy adoption for cows

Cows adapt quickly to robotics if they are retrofitted, as they are already accustomed to being milked in the shed.


Hexter Family - Morrinsville, New Zealand

Mark converted his 26 aside Herringbone shed to a Lely robotic milking system. He currently milks 195 pedigree Holstein Friesian cows with over 50 years breeding history through 3 Lely Astronaut A4 robots


Comins Family - Kihikihi, New Zealand

Ian and Carmen Comins installed their robots in 2018 where they converted their old 10 aside herringbone shed to a Lely Robotic milking system. They first installed one robot and later in 2020 installed a second one, where this has allowed them to milk up to 110 cows.

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Lyne Family - Glenfyne, Victoria

15 years ago, an old dairy’s herringbone shed was gutted and had all its equipment sold off. Now dairy farmer Matt Lyne from Southwest Victoria is repurposing it to create a retrofitted, 2 robot automatic milking system!

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Arnold Family - Tasmania

"So, we had 2 options, build a 50-unit rotary from scratch, or convert the old 16-unit herringbone to robots..."

After facing staff issues and realising their herd had outgrown their herringbone system, Robert & Ally Arnold decided to retrofit three robots into their existing setup.

"One month in and the cows are doing so well. Much better than I expected, and I love the robots more than I thought I would. -Ally Arnold

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Joyce Family - Gippsland

The Joyce family converted their herringbone milking shed into a robotic system by adding Lely robots on either side of the old pit. 

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Could retrofitting be an option for you? Explore the possibilities and.....

Firsthand experience

Discover the Joyce family's journey with Retrofitting

Interested in

Robotic Milking?

More flexibility, freedom of choice for yourself and your cows while being animal friendly, work efficiently and controlling costs. 

Automatic milking introduces a new routine on your farm, providing greater flexibility, enhanced efficiency, and a better work-life balance. It also allows your cows to follow their own rhythm at all times.