Constant overview

The Lely T4C management system is the prime source of information for your dairy farm. It delivers real-time insight with no extra work. You can take direct action yourself when and where it is necessary and you can also act preventively based on predictions.

Constant overview 

Lely T4C is specially designed for automatic milking with the Lely Astronaut. It also links to other Lely equipment, such as the Lely Vector automatic feeding system. T4C translates data from the barn into usable information for a clear insight into the results of your work. Reliable data that you can use to make the right decisions. For immediate operations in the barn among the cows or for the longer term. In both cases, business optimisation is key. 

It enables you to monitor constantly, act at an early stage and provide appropriate attention to cows that need it. It also helps you to optimise your barn routines and improve your business results. In addition to T4C Office for more strategic information, there is the T4C InHerd mobile version for day-to- day tasks.

Tailored health insight per cow

T4C TotalHealth

Health attentions InHerd.jpg

For even more insight into the health of your cows the Lely T4C TotalHealth was developed. TotalHealth is a component of T4C that is specifically tailored to total cow health.  

TotalHealth attentions 

The first component of T4C TotalHealth we have released is TotalHealth-attentions. TotalHealth-attentions gives you even more support in your daily routines. In the blink of an eye, you will see which cow needs attention. This allows you to intervene in a faster and more targeted fashion. This improves the health per cow and in turn, your operating result. 

Improve cow health and save time 

Lely T4C allows you to take advantage of all the data collected by the Lely Astronaut milking robot during the milking process. TotalHealth-attentions even takes this a step further: the data is converted into a health analysis for each individual cow. From this analysis, a total cow health score gets computed. When a critical threshold is reached, this will be shown for that cow in TotalHealth-attentions. 

This makes it clear which cows really require attention. The health score will immediately show you the cause. This allows you to take action immediately, in a very targeted fashion. This could be a check in the management programme to separate the cow afterwards or a visual check in the barn. 

TotalHealth-attentions is available for free in T4C Office as well as in T4C InHerd. 

Thinking along about efficiency

With TotalHealth-attentions you can take even more advantage from milking with our milking robot. Even after a quarter century of automatic milking with the Lely Astronaut we keep trying to come up with ways to make work in and around the barn as efficient and pleasant as possible. Healthy cows are invaluable for this. We simultaneously strive towards optimal cow health and production. 

Your data in safe hands

Lely wants you to understand and feel comfortable with our data solutions and policies for our T4C management software. In our Lely Data Charter T4C, we explain how we secure your interests regarding collecting, analyzing, reporting and sharing data.

In this data charter we guarantee that:

  • Your privacy and the security and safety of all your data are always respected, and that Lely will comply fully with all national and international data privacy regulations.
  • You are in control both of the data collected from you and whether it is shared.
  • We want to support you as effectively as possible with data analysis and reporting, so that you benefit from the use of data, today and in the future.

The data from your Lely T4C systems are used to keep our customer products and services fully operational. This will result in less machine down time, advanced preventive maintenance and better farm insights that will improve the farm profitability.

Many options

For strategic or operational use

T4C Office

Making the right decisions based on accurate information

Making the right decisions in a calm setting, easily and smartly: that is what T4C Office offers. Data on the whole dairy herd, per group or per individual cow, are combined on one handy dashboard. As a result, you can concentrate on cows that really need your attention.

Lely T4C InHerd

More freedom, more control

As you are walking through your barn, you see a cow with hooves that need trimming. With the T4C InHerd mobile application you can act immediately. The cow is automatically separated after its next milking, ready for its trim. This is just one example of how InHerd can make your life easier. A constant overview of your farm and cows that need your attention. Taking action when it is needed.

Why our solutions?

Freedom of choice and well-being for yourself and your cows. Flexibility and well-being for yourself and your cows while at the same time producing high-quality milk. That is what our barn concept offers. From milking to feeding and from care to barn lighting.