Certified as reliable

Lely Taurus stands for providing all of the benefits of automatic milking with a reconditioned and certified reliable milking system. The Lely Astronaut is an exceptionally durable milking system. It continues to demonstrate unprecedented quality, even after many years of reliable service. That is why we also offer reconditioned milking systems with the Lely Taurus label, which include a further year’s full warranty.

Profitability through reliability

Milking systems with the Lely Taurus label only change hands after they have undergone a full revision and been updated with the latest technology. The reconditioned milking system is supplied with Lely Horizon, our management system. A Lely Taurus milking robot is configured to the needs and requirements of its new owner. Maximum profitability through reliability at a relatively low cost.

Able to be configured to your own requirements

Our reconditioned milking systems can also be configured to your own requirements. Whether you wish to increase milk yield, udder health or reproduction, the choice is yours. Your advisors are here to discuss the options with you, to tailor the milking system as closely as possible to your needs

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The Lely Taurus is suited to
every farm

Support at every step of the way

Always the right advice


Before the Astronaut comes into operation, we help you prepare your farm for automatic milking. This includes, for example, a training course on how to operate the robot and the associated management system. It also includes advice on how to design the barn, feeding and well-being of the cows..


When the Astronaut is delivered, the robot is first extensively checked. Milking only starts once everything is accurate, down to the last detail. During the initial milking, the first step after installation, we give you intensive support. Support is available 24/7.


Even once everything is working perfectly, we continue to offer support and guidance. Of course, we are always interested in knowing how happy you are and whether there are any improvements we could help with. We continually provide analysis and advice to ensure the best possible result.

Unequalled service

Questions about finance? We will be glad to help and advise you.

Regardless of the date or time, you have technical support 24/7.

When the barn equipment is working, we are there to further optimise it.

The Lely Taurus works well with

Lely Horizon

Making the right decisions based on the right information

Make the right decisions quickly to improve your company’s results based on real-time insights. The Lely Horizon management system takes data from your barns and converts it into usable information about company processes and cow health. This allows you to make adjustments when and where they are required.

Cooling tank for the Lely Astronaut

Cooling tank for high-quality milk

Round-the-clock safeguarding of milk quality and maximum hygiene: that is what the cooling tank for the Lely Astronaut has to offer. Cooling starts with the first drop of milk and is adjusted based on the milk volume in the tank. The tank seamlessly works in tandem with the Lely Astronaut, our automatic milking system.

Lely Grazeway

Selection box for efficient grazing

Robotic milking and grazing go hand in hand. The Lely Grazeway selection box supports efficient grazing. The cow decides whether she wants to go outside. The Grazeway indicates if this is allowed or whether the cow needs to be milked first.

Maintenance products

Lely Consumables

For ideal hygiene and milk quality

With Lely Consumables you can quickly and easily buy the right cleaning and maintenance products for clean and efficient barn equipment, a hygienic barn and correct cow care. You can also buy original wear parts for our barn products.

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Lely Ambassadors Club

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Lely Ambassadors Club

Sharing knowledge

The Lely Ambassadors Club is a loyalty programme for everyone who milks with a Lely Astronaut. The idea behind it is to stimulate the exchange of ideas. You regularly receive a free magazine and a newsletter with practical information about Lely in general and the Astronaut milking robot in particular.

More about the Lely Ambassadors Club


Producing high-quality milk requires time and care. It requires healthy and happy cows. It requires making the right choices. Choices that fit in with you and your goals. Our solutions for automatic milking help you make the right decisions for attaining these goals.