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Over the next few months, the expert team at Lely Oceania will be hosting a series of webinars that focus on different elements of robotic milking and ways it could work on your farm.

Register now for your chance to take part in these free, informative sessions that will cover all aspects of dairy robotics, from farm infrastructure to grassland managament.

  • 07-09-2020 - Common Misconception about AMS Farming
  • 05-10-2020 - An A5 Milking Robot is as Easy to Use as a Smart Phone
  • 23-11-2020 - Farm Layout and Infrastructure
  • 07-12-2020 - Pasture Management in AMS
  • 05-01-2021 - Optimising AMS by getting the fundamentals right: The Tips for success in AMS farming
  • 05-02-2021 - Key Operational Considerations for AMS Farming
  • 16-03-2021 - Mastitis, Early Detection, Management & Pro-active Prevention (Part One)
  • 16-03-2021 - Mastitis Detection in AMS - How it works and how effective is it? (Part One)
  • 22-04-2020 - Mastitis Detection in AMS - How it works and how effective is it? (Part Two)

If you're joining us midway through the series, you will recieve the link for all the previously released webinars upon registration.

Up next - Thursday, 22nd of April, 19:00 NZDT

Topic: "Mastitis Detection in AMS - How it works and how effective is it?" (Part Two)

How the Lely robot system helps in detecting mastitis?

Mastitis is a common problem for all dairy farmers and can end up costing the farmer in time, lost production and money. But did you know that the automatic milking system from Lely can help you in detecting mastitis at an early stage? How does this work, and how effective is this? In our next webinar Briar Loveridge will tell you all about this.

This webinars host:

Briar Loveridge our Farm Management Advisor for Lely Oceania, is back again to present the sequal to our mastitis webinar. Prior to taking over this role, she completed a Bachelor of Agri-Commerce, majoring in farm management.

Briar Loveridge

Briar's picture.jpg

"Animal health can be a costly issue for dairy farmers, particularly regarding mastitis where prevention is really important. Animal health is important to me and i really enjoy working alongside our farmers and seeing the positive effect AMS has had on them, their business and their animals. Our farmers are finding they are treating less cows or treating cows quicker as they can see the trends each milking " - Briar Loveridge


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