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Webinar 1

Common Misconceptions of AMS Farming (Released on 7th of September, 2020)

In this video, Briar Loveridge, our Farm Management Support Advisor, has explored some frequently asked questions about automatic milking systems, like:

• Does a farmer need to build a new shed?
• What type of cows are suited for AMS farming?
• How our team can help you to optimize your operations before, during and after the transition?

Common Misconceptions about AMS

Webinar 2

An A5 milking robot is as easy to use as a smartphone (Released on 5th of October, 2020)

During this webinar, Giles Tinning, Lely Oceania TSS advisor have explained how easy is to use an automatic milking system and have also focused on:

• How one can save time in their daily dairy routine and spend time more efficiently
• How the Lely Astronaut A5 can makes your life easier
• How you can have better access to the information you think is important for you
• How you can have better access to the equipment settings

An A5 Milking robot is as easy to use as a smart phone

Webinar 3

Farming Layout and Infrastructure(Released on 23rd of November, 2020)

This webinar is hosted by Juergen Steen. Jurgen is a Commercial Product Specialist at Lely Oceania. He is using his dairy farming expertise and vast experience to design farm solutions for Lely robotic milking and automatic feeding systems. This webinar will give an insight into “best practice design” for pasture based robotic milking solutions.

Farm Layout and Design Webinar # 3