Finding your cows was never easier

Lely introduces CowLocator for smartphone

Locating cows for special treatment was never as timesaving and easy as with the Lely CowLocator. A user-friendly mobile tool that enables dairy farmers to locate cows accurately and which gives insight in heat detection and cow health. The tool is available for dairy farmers who use the Lely Astronaut milking robot.

June 13, 2017


“The Lely CowLocator exceeds my expectations. The mobile tool doesn’t only save me 1 hour per day, it also results in efficiency savings. Integrated with Lely T4C InHerd I have improved my reproduction management and have better insight in cow health,” according to farmer Jellema, Sweden.

Time saving

The CowLocator, the latest addition to the Lely T4C InHerd range of mobile management apps available for Astronaut users, registers the location of the cows on one meter accuracy. That saves time while fetching cows that are not routed but do require special attention quickly and easily. 

Calculations show that fetching a healthy cow takes on average 2.07 minutes, whereas an attention cow requires 3.54 minutes to fetch. During one lactation you will need to ‘touch’ a healthy cow at least nine times. With 120 cows this means 1080 touches per year, or around three touches per day, based on healthy cows. The app in combination with sensors in the barn locates the cow and shows it on the floorplan of the barn which is integrated in the CowLocator.

Heat detection and health monitoring

In combination with the Astronaut’s management system – Lely T4C – CowLocator offers even more benefits. The system provides quick insight in the heat status of individual cows, which guarantees insemination will take place at the right moment. The eating minutes functionality combined with the data gathered in the Astronaut milking robot, ensures having insight in the health of cows.

The Lely CowLocator is available for all current and future Lely Astronaut users.