Lely makes new app for registering and monitoring hoof health available

Healthy cows are more productive and require less attention. An important prerequisite for good health and mobility are healthy hooves. Unfortunately, many dairy farmers regularly have to deal with hoof disorders in their herd. Lely has developed the Meteor App to register and monitor hoof health quick and easy.

June 29, 2017


The Lely Meteor app is part of an integrated hoof health approach - Lely Meteor - and is valuable for all dairy farmers with a Lely Astronaut milking robot. It enables hoof trimmers to register the location and severity of disorders per hoof. In addition, they can indicate if the hoof got for instance a bandage or hoof block and – if necessary – set a reminder for a follow-up.

Besides that it’s possible to create a hoof health report with a push of a button. This report gives a good overview of the current hoof health compared with previous measurements. It also provides a clear overview of the work carried out by the hoof trimmer.

Monitoring the health of the hooves gives important information for improving the overall hoof health on a farm. This results in less hassle with hoof treatments and increases animal welfare.

The Lely Meteor app is now free available for iPad via the AppStore for hoof trimmers and farmers. To improve hoof health and make use of all the benefits of the app Lely advises to contact a local Lely Center.