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in a new look and feel

Lely's consumables and wear part products have a new look and feel. The new packaging design is based on clear communication of product information. And emphasizes safe working with chemicals by an update in the colour-coding.

New packaging


Safe storage

Safe storage is in a place where this is allowed and possible.

Think of a separated and dark environment with escape routes, constant temperature and ventilation. It is important that there is a clear, visible identification and fixed allocation of the product. So that you, but also your employees, never miss out. Use spill pallets and chemical cabinets for the products intended for this and add Lely chemical charts with safety instructions. In addition, make sure that all aids are present, such as an eyewash, personal protection equipment, first aid facilities, fire extinguishing facilities and safety data sheets. Please comply with the national regulations and guidelines for storing chemicals.

AF19003-Safe storage of goods_GOED.png

Safe handling

When working with chemicals it is important to protect yourself and your environment.

Think of personal protection equipment such as wearing gloves and safety glasses or a face shield. Don’t be rushed and ensure a clean and organized work environment. Make sure you know what you are doing, you are familiar with the products and that you know how you can work with them safely. Please read the Safety Data Sheet in order to comply with the national Health & Safety legislation that applies to workplaces.



To clarify product distinction and identification, Lely’s consumables are colour-coded. This is always a combination of the cap, jerry can and packaging. Always check the combination of these indicators to make sure you have the right product. These colour-codes have also been implemented in the Central Unit of the Astronaut. Connect red to red, blue to blue and green to green. Products that are not intended for use in the milking robot, such as the tank cleaning products, always have a two-tone color-coding. Please note, this is a Lely way of working and will differ for non-Lely products. The colour-coding does not release you from the obligation to always check labels before application.


In addition

Some tips and things to take into consideration

1.) Do not mix products
2.) Always store and use products in the original packaging
3.) Always check the combination of the colour-coding, product name and packaging
4.) Always check local laws and regulations
5.) Always close the product when you move it
6.) Inform your employees in such a way that they are also able to work safely
7.) Ensure that all aids are sufficiently available.
8.) A closed space ensures that uninvited cannot access. Think of children, pets and third parties.
9.) Communicate clearly the guidelines to anyone who may come into contact with the chemicals. Knowledge is power.

An accident can always happen, do not take any risks!

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