Always the correct amount of feed with minimum work and energy: this is the principle of the Lely Vector. Cows and their natural behaviour also came first when developing the Vector. When cows are out to pasture they can eat all day; now they can also do that in the barn.

With automatic feeding you not only save time: you can also remove feeding entirely from your daily routines. Your cows always have a fresh and properly mixed ration at the feed fence, meaning that they can eat several times a day. This stimulates the cows’ activity, ultimately leading to a rise in milk yield.


Smart feeding

During its rounds, the Vector does two jobs: it pushes the feed and tops it up if necessary. In each round the feed-height sensor identifies the quantity of feed at the feed fence. The feed robot determines whether fresh feed is necessary, and if so how much, without you having to think about it. The only thing that needs to be configured manually is the height of the feed at the feed fence. In addition to measuring the feed, the Vector also pushes it. Therefore, even if it does not need to be topped up, there is still sufficient tasty feed within the cows’ reach.

Natural eating behaviour

The smart feeding system fits in seamlessly with the cows’ eating behaviour. A healthy cow eats 8 to 12 portions of fodder per day. You can, however, never know in advance at what time they will eat. Eating behaviour is related to a number of factors. These include whether or not automatic milking is used, noise in the barn, elimination of waste feed and weather conditions. Temperature fluctuations can cause feed intake to vary by around 10% per day. 

The Vector also offers a solution to farmers with free-range barns. If cows are free to go outside, estimating the correct ration can be a challenge. As soon as the weather turns, whether to sun or rain, the cows go inside to carry on eating at the feed fence. Through the Vector’s smart feeding system there is always fresh and tasty feed within reach.

Increased milk yield

Because there is always fresh feed at the feed fence, cows can eat at any time of the day or night. This has clear advantages, such as increased feed intake and improved rumen health. Competition between cows is also reduced. Cows that are lower in the hierarchy still always have fresh feed, after the more dominant cows have eaten. Healthy and stress-free cows make for more milk in the tank or increased meat production.


Efficient feeding has a positive effect on cow health and milk yield. Mixing the right portions in the right quantities and releasing them just at the right moment requires knowledge, understanding and time. Our products for automatic feeding take on this task and are exceptionally efficient. Saving you time and ensuring the right feed at the right moment.