For dairy farms, competitiveness and responsibility starts behind the barn doors. Lely supports these farms in their ambitions and acts as a link between automation and growth. A cooperation that ensues in a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future.

The agricultural sector has the challenge of meeting the increasing need for good-quality food. Growth is key. Opting for growth through our automatic milking system is opting for a proven formula. More than twenty years’ experience with dairy farmers worldwide.

Our solutions for Large Farming

Growing through automation

There are a lot of factors involved in a growing dairy farm. Everything, from managing, to labour to finances, requires a different approach. Automation provides a new solution for day-to-day tasks and gives insight into important data and figures.

Lely supports large farms in making choices for the future and automation, and tailors this support to your goals and ambitions. By bringing together people, animals and technology, we help these farms realise and retain growth. We offer the very best of our advice, experience and support to growing dairy farms, with proven success worldwide.

Successful cooperation

Large dairy farms look for partners who can help them set up clear KPIs, improve cow health and operate more efficiently. All parts of the farm run like a well-oiled machine.

Efficiency is incredibly important and requires a different method of business management. By automating business processes, real-time KPIs, data and management ensure solid results within a continuously growing farm. We ensure, along with local partners, that both the equipment and the business management tools deliver optimum results.

Future-proof investments

Dairy farms are some of the most capital-intensive farms in the agricultural sector. That requires cast-iron future-proof business management.

This includes in particular efficient use of available resources to be able to meet the increasing demand for food that goes hand-in-hand with a growing world population. The specialist Dairy XL team and local partners ensure ROI over the long term through future-proof management of dairy farms. With automation and the availability of the right data, sustainable and animal-friendly farming is possible.

Unequalled service

Even after your purchase, we continue to offer you help with optimising the production process.

We can help you make the transition to our barn concept by drawing up a finance plan.

Why Lely?

Flexibility and well-being for yourself and your cows while at the same time producing high-quality milk. That is what our barn concept offers. From milking to feeding and from care to barn lighting.