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Lely travels throughout Europe, to provide you with all information about optimal feeding of your animals. We are going to talk about feed management, the needs of different groups and the health of the animals. Learn from various experts and dairy farmers in your area. During the day we will offer an interactive program with various topics in the field of optimal feeding.

We're on the road!

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The basic principles of smart feeding


Customised rations for each group

Lactating cows have different nutritional requirements compared to dry cows and youngstock, and dry cows vary in their needs depending on their stage of progression. Ideally, a specific ration should be calculated for each group to achieve the best results. Automatic feeding makes it possible to load, mix and distribute small batches for small animal groups.


Ensure precise loading of the ration

Feeding a precise ration starts with the loading of the feed components. The more exactly they are weighed, the more accurately a group of cows can be fed. Through smart and specific software, automation makes it possible to load the correct weight per feed component very precisely. This ensures a well-constructed ration. Every day, regardless of how often you feed the cows.


Feed frequently and fresh

Frequent feeding leads to a stable pH level in the rumen and good rumen health. A cow gets more than half of its energy requirements from fatty acids left over from fermented carbohydrates. If the pH level in the rumen is low, these micro-organisms become ineffective. Multiple smaller meals per day keep pH levels stable, which means cows use the feed they eat more efficiently.

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