National Growfund

Development of coop barn robot solutions

NXTGen Hightech - Handsfree production

In the NXTGen Hightech – Handsfree production Lely develops and demonstrate new techniques and methods to ensure a handsfree robot operation on the farm. Together with 3 other companies which offer robotic solutions and Wageningen Research as research organization, the project goal is to be able to have a robust farm operation where the farmers interaction with the robots for the repetitive work on the farm is limited only to exceptional situations.

With novel technologies the robots gather more information about their environment, have better route planning, cooperate with same and other types of robots/systems which results in a better food supply operation.

The aimed project results are:

  • Improve the interaction between robots
  • Have safe navigation in and around the farm
  • Increase the use of lightweight vehicles on the land
  • Achieve an unsupervised robotic farm operation

This project was funded from the National Growth fund.

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