Our facilities

Test farms

Test and validate new concepts

During the development of new products and services, Lely has a number of operational farms where testing and validating activities can be performed. These test farms are (made) suitable to integrate concepts/prototypes which need more supervision than market ready products of Lely. For new concepts Lely have a couple farms nearby the Lely Campus. For testing and validating products/services when a product approaches market introduction, Lely have a large number of farms all over the world that are suitable for testing and validating.

R&D office

Develop new hard- and software

On the Lely Campus dedicated R&D office wings supports the development of new electronics and software solutions. For the current total of 500 R&D employees well equipped working desks are offered and are close by the R&D test facilities. Within the R&D office wings there are also separated rooms with test equipment or spaces for building (small) test setups.

R&D test hall

Testing new hard- and software

The Lely Campus had several test halls where prototypes can be build, tested in simulated farm situations and endurance tests can be performed. Each product needs their own specific facilities. Among other things for the manure robots a farm floor is available and a simulated feeding rack and feeding crane offers the feedings robots of Lely a closed environment to test new hard- & software.