Closing the nutrient cycle for dairy farming

Central to this project is the development of an autonomous fertilization system that can spread fresh manure from the dairy farm onto the land.

The system is in development by Lely and demonstrated on an operational dairy farm in the province Noord-Brabant.

The aim of the project is to improve:

  1. Feed management: fertilizing and growing your own locally produced feed (grass);
  2. Manure management: use fresh manure as organic fertilizer for the grassland;
  3. Soil management: use organic manure for fertilization and irrigate the grassland for improving soil loss management and reducing nutrient loss;
  4. Fossil fuels: Reducing fossil fuels by using electrically powered autonomous robotic vehicles.

This project was funded from the POP3 Innovation Development Fund (EIP), funded by the European Union and Provincie Noord-Brabant

For more information about the POP3 programme, please visit: www.stimulus.nltps://

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