Franck Family Rebuilds Dairy with the Help of Lely Robots

The derecho of August 2020 wreaked havoc across much of the Midwest, and the Franck family were amongst those whose lives changed that day. When the family emerged after the storm, they found their entire barn wiped out. In the wake of the devastation, the Francks were faced with the difficult decision to either quit the dairy business or rebuild. Fortunately, the seven Francks were united in their choice to build upon the footprint of their old barn and turn to Lely robotics.

Wagholm Farms Celebrates 20 Years with Lely Robotic Milking

Six generations of Wagners have milked cows at Wagholm Farms in New Hamburg, Ontario. Consisting of true farming innovators, the Wagner family is proud to celebrate 20 years with Lely robotic milking in 2022.

Future-proof dairying

Lely Orbiter

Lely is developing a possible solution, which has the potential to increase the value of milk and strengthen links with consumers. It is a fair, direct, and pure way to increase the value of your herd’s milk. The concept is an on-farm dairy processor, the Lely Orbiter – a system that makes processing milk on the farm affordable, practical, safe and, above all, profitable.

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