Westvale-View Dairy: Where Cows Get to Live Their Best Lives

The Westendorps of Nashville, Michigan, are a family of dairy enthusiasts who work together on the family-run Westvale-View Dairy and MOO-ville Creamery. Milking with Lely robots since 2012, dairy automation has given the Westendorps more flexibility to significantly grow their successful creamery business. The team recently upgraded to Lely Astronaut A5s in the spring of 2020, and look forward to the long-term benefits the latest in robotic milking technology will provide their dairy. Read on to learn how Lely robots have positively impacted the Westendorps, and why their recent robot upgrade was one of the best decisions they ever made.

The First Robotic Milking Dairy in the United States: Knigge Farms

20 years ago, Knigge Farms of Omro, Wisconsin, was the first dairy farm in the U.S. to take the leap into robotic milking. Today, at nearly 18 years old, grandson Jacob knows no other way of harvesting milk on the family farm. These early adopters saw a different way of life for their cows and themselves. Read on to discover more about what has happened to Knigge Farms during the past two decades and why they recently signed their new Lely Astronaut A5 robotic milking systems at Lely North America's headquarters in Pella, Iowa.

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Future-proof dairying

Lely Orbiter

Lely is developing a possible solution, which has the potential to increase the value of milk and strengthen links with consumers. It is a fair, direct, and pure way to increase the value of your herd’s milk. The concept is an on-farm dairy processor, the Lely Orbiter – a system that makes processing milk on the farm affordable, practical, safe and, above all, profitable.

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