New Brunswick Farmer Celebrates 10 Years with Lely Robots

Mike Bouma, owner of Grant’s Brook Farms, LTD, of New Brunswick, Canada, is celebrating 10 years of success with his Lely milking robots. Read on to learn how the last decade of robotic milking has benefitted the Bouma family.

How Pulsation and Vacuum Time are Different in Robotic Milking Systems

Milk yields are maximized when calm cows are milked with a consistent routine. The pulsation ratio or vacuum of a milking machine affects milk flow and milking time, and has also been reported to influence teat condition and somatic cell count.

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Future-proof dairying

Lely Orbiter

Lely is developing a possible solution, which has the potential to increase the value of milk and strengthen links with consumers. It is a fair, direct, and pure way to increase the value of your herd’s milk. The concept is an on-farm dairy processor, the Lely Orbiter – a system that makes processing milk on the farm affordable, practical, safe and, above all, profitable.

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