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The idea behind the Lely Ambassadors Club is to stimulate the exchange of ideas. Milking with a Lely Astronaut milking robot represents not only a new way of milking but above all, a new approach to farm management. Inevitably, an intensive exchange of ideas will bring new insights to producers, meaning you can fine-tune the success of robotic milking on your farm.

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‘In this issue of Dairy Life, we offer you an update on our customer collaborations through their own stories. We share their insights and the choices they have made in pursuing a bright future for their farm.’

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Why Lely?

Farmers all over the world make choices about how they set up and run their farms. Every day, we help them make the best choices for themselves and their farms. We do this by providing advice and innovative solutions that contribute to efficient farm management. For sustainable milk and meat production and energy generation. Present and future.