Barn Products Specialist
  • Abts Lely Center Sales
  • 50 Hours per week
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Company Information: Abts Lely Center is a growing company in the Dairy Industry.  We are a division of Abts Equipment. This division is in charge of the Lely product line of Robotic Dairy Products. 

Job Summary:

This position would be in charge of the sales and aftermarket of all barn product equipment including but not limited to: feed pushers, robotic feed mixers, automatic calf feeders, pasteurizers, health monitor systems, dairy software, cow brushes, robotic manure scrapers.


·         Work closely with capital salespeople and FMS advisors

·         Follow up on leads

·         Attend regional tradeshows

·         Volunteer at local dairy events

·         Work closely with the dairy to make sure products are working the way they should

·         Cold calling

·         Getting in touch with potential end users and pay visits to them.

·         Making sure that the expectations raised during sales talk correspond with the performance of the product or service to be delivered.

·         Report customer visits into the CRM and utilize the CRM for leads and keeping in office communication complete.

·         Collecting of dues for the sales contract.

·         Attend company training to receive certification in different areas as designated by employer.

·         Assist in installation and programming as needed.

·         Assist customers to identify and eliminate issues in a timely manner as they develop.

·         Be current on new product features and benefits.

·         Portray a positive attitude about the products and companies represented.

·         Be open to new products and concepts as they develop.

·         Report to management and attend meetings as requested.