Project Summary:  Pioneers in the robotic industry

Located in Albany, MN, this dairy is a 3-generation farm, with the promise of becoming 4-generation! An early pioneer in the robotic milking area, they began building a new barn in 2011 and started milking in January of 2012.

Previous barn: Double 7 Herringbone (147 free-stall)


  • Milk 3x per day without adding labor
  • Expand (earlier barn was overcrowded)
  • Enlarge the manure pit

2011-2012, built new free-stall barn with:

  • 4 Lely A3-Next Robots
  • Lely Juno Feed Pusher
  • 4 Lely Luna Cow Brushes
  • Sand Bedding
  • Ventilation & Sprinkler System
  • Manure shuttle scraper & pump


  • Added cows
  • More data on cows
  • Increased milk production per cow
  • Improved herd health
  • Calmer cows
  • More family time; flexibility in schedule

Images and videos of this project