Precision Dairy Equipment's 100th robot is installed at the Nierling family farm near Decorah, Iowa in April of 2021. 

Precision Dairy Equipment is excited to announce the installment of their 100th Lely Robot with the Nierling Family. Matt and Jolene Nierling are also happy to say they have the 100th robot with Precision Dairy Equipment because “It shows they have experience”. The Nierling family dairy farms near Decorah, Iowa with their three children, Hailey, Ashley, and Justin. When Jolene was asked what her favorite part of dairy farming was, she responded in part with; “Being able to take my kids to work with me every day.” Jolene explained how she would even take the car-seat or stroller out to the barn, so they could be with her. It is obvious that Hailey, Ashley, and Justin watched their parents every move as all three have been involved with the dairy farm since they were young. Each play an important role in running the farm. Matt’s father also helps with fieldwork. This family works together tremendously well. It is evident they enjoy working together on the dairy farm.

The Nierling family has been farming in Decorah for generations; Matt grew up on this farm. Although Jolene did not grow up in the dairy industry, after falling in love with Matt, she fell in love with the cows and farming. They have been dairy farming together for almost 25 years.

Although Matt and Jolene sold their GEA robots along with their herd in February of 2021, the Nierlings knew they were going to milk cows again. The new Lely A5 robot started up April 30th. The Nierlings purchased 10 cows to start and will calve in heifers to reach the full capacity of 65-70 cows for the one robot. They are currently milking about 25 cows in the A5 and plan to have the second robot installed by the end of the year. The Nierlings appreciate the increase in flexibility provided by the robotic milking system, especially during the busy times of the year. They also value the opportunity to accommodate to the cow’s standards of milk production. Cows can be milked more times a day and higher producing animals can be fed differently than lower production cows. Dairy farming changes with the seasons, but the flexibility, the decrease of manual labor, and the opportunity for success is always present with Lely robotics.

It was hard to sell the cows, Matt and Jolene shared, but they knew they wanted to keep their bred heifers. Jolene and Matt are happy to have daughters and genetics from their original herd. With the addition of the second robot this fall, the herd will amount to 130-140 Holstein cows. Matt and Jolene plan to continue farming for an extended amount of time, although they are hoping and see potential for one or more of their kids coming back to take over the family farm for generations to come.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with the Nierling family. Thank you for choosing Precision Dairy Equipment!

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